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Join us in worship on

Sunday, October 24

for a service of 

Word and Prayer

at 10:00 a.m.

This week Pastor Tom's

message is...


Son of David!

Have Mercy!

This Sunday we'll be looking at Mark 10:46-52. Jesus and his disciples have traveled to Jericho where they come across Bartimaeus, a blind beggar. Bartimaeus, hearing Jesus was near, began shouting for Jesus to have mercy on him. Many told him to be quiet, but Jesus had his disciples bring Bartimaeus over so Jesus could give him sight.

  • In what ways are we blind to the world around us; to God in our midst?

  • In 1st century Judah, there was a cultural cost to being healed of blindness, and a cultural cost to following Jesus. What do you suppose that cost was?

  • What is the cultural cost today? Are we willing to pay it?


Sunday, October 31A Pumpkin Lesson

Reformation Sunday

Mark 12:28-34 & John 1:1-14 - In Mark, Jesus answers the question, "Of all the commandments, which is the most important?" John then reveals to us that this same Jesus who answers this question is the light of God come into the world.

Sunday, November 7: Remember the Life that Touches Life

All Saints & All Souls

John 11:32-44 - Jesus comes to Bethany days after he hears his friend Lazarus is sick. When he arrives he finds that Lazarus has died. Jesus goes to the tomb and with a prayer raised to God and with a loud voice tells Lazarus to come out of the tomb. 

Sunday, November 14: TBA

The witness for this day is still in development. We'll let you know what to expect in the coming days.