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Sunday, September 17th

at 10:00am

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Word & Prayer

Pastor Tom

will bring the message 

Conversations on the Afterlife


Welcome to the Season of KINGDOMTIDE

Kingdomtide is a season of learning about and focusing on Jesus' teachings about the kingdom of God. For this 2023 season, we will journey through Kingdomtide seeking answers to our faith and Scripture questions together. Each sermon during the Summer is offered in response to a question from the congregation.

This Sunday's question asks about the "glimpses" Scripture gives us of the afterlife: What happens when we die? Can you speak on the “glimpses” Scripture has given?” and “Compare the Biblical references to an afterlife to the current attitudes: everyone will go to heaven.Pastor Tom will start with Revelation 20:11-15 (judgment of the dead) to respond to these questions, along with other scriptural references such as Luke 16:19-31 (the rich man and Lazarus) and John 14:1-4 (In my Father's house are many rooms).

  • Does the Bible give a consistent image of the afterlife?

  • What afterlife passages are you familiar with? 

  • Should we consider what is meant literally and what is meant allegorically?

  • Was the afterlife really the focus of Jesus ministry?

  • What part does a theology of "next life reward" play in how we act as faithful Christ followers in the here and now reality?


Sunday, Sep. 24: Challenge the Preacher: God-Fearing vs. Fearful

Seventeenth Sunday of Kingdomtide

Hebrews 10:19-39 This week Pastor Tom will preach to the question... "[Can you expound upon] Hebrews 10:31, “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God”?"

Sunday, October 1: Challenge the Preacher: Come to the Table

Eighteenth Sunday of Kingdomtide

World Communion Sunday

Genesis 1:26-28a, 2:7-8, 15-20a This week Pastor Tom will preach to the question... "What is happening in communion? Are we supposed to believe bread and wine really becomes Jesus’ body and blood… or is there something more metaphorical going on?"

Sunday, October 8: What Is the Goal?

Nineteenth Sunday of Kingdomtide

Philippians 3:4b-14 - Paul speaks of keeping a focus on the goal of what it is to follow Christ. Let’s ask ourselves, ‘What is that goal? Are we focused on it, or are we focused details and distractions? What is Christ more concerned with in the long run?’

Sunday, October 15: Would You Go Too, Two by Two?

Twentieth Sunday of Kingdomtide

Laity Sunday

Luke 10:1-23 - Jesus sends out 72 to go and proclaim the Good News ahead of him. After they had gone out and done as Jesus instructed in the towns, they returned with joy, telling Jesus all they were able to accomplish by his name.

Sunday, October 22: Help Us Know Thy Glory

Twenty-first Sunday of Kingdomtide

Exodus 33:12-23, 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10, & Matthew 22:15-22 - In Exodus, Moses asks to see God’s glory as part of an argument for God to go with God’s people, not simply to send them out to the Promised Land. This will set them apart as a people with whom God dwells. Are we set apart? Are we curious about God’s glory? Or do we adopt those things we attribute to God, yet are really of us?

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