Adult Christian

   An important part of the Christian journey of faith is to always be learning and re-learning the story of God's people. This means revisiting the scriptures repeatedly, listening for insights informed by historical context, personal experience, Church traditions, and sound reasoning. It is the practice of working to better understand who God is, who Jesus is, who Spirit is, and how we are called to be part of it all. 

Current Studies

We are offering two Bible studies currently.


Our Women's Bible Study begins Thursday September 23, and looks at just how much following Jesus can change our perceptions of the world and our practice of living the Christian lifestyle within the world. Feel free to join us in-person at the church for prayer, discussion, support, and lots of laughter. Books are $15, but if that’s a hardship we’d love to gift you one.


"Tell Me the Stories of Jesus" will be led by Pastor Tom on Thursday evenings throughout October. The study is designed to re-learn some of the stories of Jesus. It takes a more in-depth look at why Jesus told these stories and parables, what truth they would've held for the people who heard them first, and how we relate to those truths today. There is no fee for this study. All you need is your Bible and an appetite for new insights.