Oregon City United Methodist Church
Friday, May 22, 2015

H.O.P.E. Food Project

Helping Other People Eat

HOPE provides emergency food baskets for people in need in the Oregon City area, including Gladstone and West Linn.   

Families and individuals needing food may come to HOPE approximately every 30 days and receive a nutritionally balanced 3-day supply of food.  Eligibility is based on current USDA Income Guidelines.  Proof of identity like a current driver's license or ID card, birth dates for each person in the household, and a rent receipt or utility bill showing current address are required for repeated use.  Food will be given to first-time users who do not have this information and to homeless people.

There are five churches in the Oregon City area that take turns hosting HOPE.  The pantries are kept full by the food items that are donated by their church or other organizations or food drives, food is also purchased using monetary donations, and some government commodities are distributed.

          Mondays - 1st Nazarene Church on 7th & Taylor from 6:30-8:30pm
          Tuesdays - 1st Presbyterian Church on corner of Lynn Ave and Warner-Milne from 1-4pm
          Wednesdays - Oregon City United Methodist Church at 18955 South End Road from 1-4pm
          Thursdays - St Vincent de Paul at St John the Apostle Catholic Church on 4th & Center Street (bell tower) from 4-5pm
          Fridays - 1st Baptist Church on 9th & John Adams from 1-4pm

For more information on the HOPE Food Project, call the church office, 503-656-3433. 

Our church has recognized the first Sunday of each month (the Sunday when we usually celebrate communion) as HOPE Sunday.  We will use this time to remind ourselves to make contributions to our HOPE program, Helping Other People Eat.  You are encouraged to bring food or make an extra contribution dedicated to HOPE. 
In our current economic climate, more families come to HOPE seeking help while at the same time the Oregon Food Bank says that over the last four years the quantity of commodities delivered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture has dropped 52 percent and food-industry donations are down as well.  We want to help fill the gap. 

There is plenty of storage space for most items except frozen food.  A few items that are sometimes overlooked are coffee, tea, paper goods, potatoes, and jam (we usually receive peanut butter.)  Contributions to HOPE are welcome at any time, but HOPE Sundays will help us keep HOPE full.