Oregon City United Methodist Church
Saturday, April 25, 2015

About Us

You are invited to come to a place where we "Love Others and Value Everyone".  We welcome all who are seeking answers to the deeper meaning of life.  Join us on the journey of life as we support each other along the way. 
Christ met the needs of people by meeting their needs where they were.  We remain open to God’s Spirit to move us to become something new and relevant for the people of today and of the future. We are organized to provide a well-rounded approach to ministry, forming Five Practices that help us practice our faith. 

We practice Radical Hospitality as we invite you in to our church community for worship and other programs and events.  We want you to be comfortable and at ease as you experience the love of God and of our church.

We practice Passionate Worship that speaks to the whole person (heart, mind, soul) through use of electronic media, artistic design, skits, videos and music contemporary in style.

We practice Intentional Faith Development offering many opportunities for you and your family to grow in your faith and understanding.  We have Sunday morning classes for adults, youth and children.  Our mid-week, Wednesday evening program includes a kid-friendly dinner at 6pm, followed by children's and adult activities.

We practice Risk-Taking Mission and Service in response to the call to serve others.  We lead the efforts for an annual Community Food Drive, help with the HOPE Food Project and many other ways we show our love to the community.

We practice Extravagant Generosity as we give back to God through our donations, our time, our talents and our prayers.  We want to give generously and cheerfully as God has given to us.



Vision, Mission, Values, and  Belief  Statements
The Bible is central to our Values and Beliefs, understood through tradition, reason and experience.

Motivating Vision
“Loving others and valuing everyone as Christ taught.”
Key Mission Statement
“Opening hearts to the motivating power of Jesus Christ.”
Core Values
We are a church:
…that strives to love as Christ taught - with compassion and respect for all people.
…that values purpose and mission acknowledging that each person hears a different call.
…that seeks spirituality, inner peace and godliness through prayer, music and through our spiritual journey and growth.
…that cherishes integrity, honesty and courage which bind us together as part of the family of God.
…where a community of friends, children, families and singles is the heart of our ministry.
Bedrock Beliefs
God lovingly created you and all around you in the universe.
God loves us unconditionally and empowers us to love others.
God miraculously changes people:  God always forgives those who seek repentance.
God’s Son, Jesus Christ, died as payment for our sins, and was resurrected, giving us eternal life.
We experience the one God in three ways: as Parent; as Jesus the Son, our shepherd and guide; and as the Holy Spirit who lives in each of us.
Every human being is gifted and called by God to do Christian ministry.